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so how do you feel about a grill badge

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ive been a datsun owner for 10 years and a member for a bit.

i was wondering how members would feel about a grill badge kinda like a jal badge but with the ratsun logo. they would be made out of bronze and could be attached to the grill. I have modeled them and they are ready to be milled into wax the casted. if you are interested let me know.


thanks carlos:)

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i was just thinking that it would be a cool thing to have. is bronze the only option?



Well bronze is easy to smelt, you can polish it, chrome it, paint it etc... after the fact.


Sorry to answer for the poster lol just saying.

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Ok its a little late but this is the first run. It may be a bit harder to add contours on the face because i will be making them up but i could give it a try.


Im going to make a short vid of the cutting and then post it. As far as the cost Im thinking something like $30 with shipping I would love to sell them for 5 bucks but i got to pay the jeweler who makes the castings for his time and material and the mold.





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ok i finally got a video the computer that i use for milling basically died so i just got it fixed. i have two colors of bronze one is a yellowish and another that is almost like silver or nickle. i can take some photos of the material if any one wants im going to make 4 to start with so just let me know



thanks carlos



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