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datsun came out to play today

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i know my progress is slow, but i usually work 60 to 70 hours a week, I have concentrated on mechanical work, but it still looks way better,

after having it outsdie today i think it needs lowered and soon.

i have some body work to do next.

thanks for everyone helping me figure out the datusn. i still am waiting for some parts so i can drive it, but that will be soon






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it maybe just a bed in the garage soon, when i take it apart for paint and body work

i didnt move it for quite a while, because i had no brakes or clutch to stop it with,

i have a new coil and resistor comeing ( 14.99 ebay oem parts or so they said)

and then i will take it for a test drive

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i will 2nd that!!!! i hate the crusher!!!, i am sick of calling up yards looking for datsuns and they say do what?!!!!??! DAtsuns??????? hell fire boy i crushed all them DAtsuns when scrap got high!!!! nice truck man!!

i am so glad i saved thid truck from the crusher,
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everytime I see that original bed I get a twinge of pain... it looks so much nicer than my 729 item. but I still love my old gril.


Greatlooking truck dood. I think I am going lower tomorrow... I am weak and should be thrashed... If I could just find the right woman in right black spandex suit and thigh high boots... but that is for another forum!

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