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How much is this worth?

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Weber 32/36 dgav two barrel carb with automatic choke (coolant type) and adapter for stock air cleaner attached to air horn (that can be removed). The unit was recently rebuilt by an ASE certified tech, but it has an issue with the bushings on the primary throttle shaft. The idle will vary dependent upon how the throttle returns to the stop plate after opening/closing. It could be rebushed (there are parts available) or you could use for parts which are all there (some new) and expensive to buy individually.


How much do youse guys think its worth?

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Probably less than less than $100. No one likes the water choke and the throttle shaft is worn which is a cause of the throttle plate not seating reliably when returned to idle. A worn shaft can also be a source of a vacuum leak at idle too. This would be worth much more with a throttle bearing kit installed:

Perhaps a cleanup and general rebuild and a manual or electric choke conversion.
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thx for offer but I do need it for my truck, I was just wondering if I got a good deal. I'm a ase master tech but a total rookie to carbs and drums and all this stuff (i think its called metal) thats holding everything together


well, I do modern drums all the time but these seem like a different animal. used to obd II cars

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Very similar to the electric one just uses hot engine water. Inside the choke is a bi-metallic metal coil that un-winds as it is heated and re-winds again when cooled. It, in turn, is connected by a linkage to the choke plate. The choke plate is pulled closed by the contracting spring and as the motor warms up the spring un-winds and pulls the choke off.

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