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B210 Compatible Coil Springs

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I bought a 74 B210 from a dude who chopped the front springs 2 inches and added fairly tall cooper cobras. I think I am going to crack my tailbone driving it! He did mention that the shocks were toast:cool:


I am looking for a much smoother ride, but still having it lowered. What springs will work for the car? Will simply changing out the shocks fix the rough ride problem? The wheels also rub a bit on sharp turns :-/


Thoughts/comments? I have a 77 that can be used as a parts car. I can bring the springs over from that....but then it would be stock again. How boring!

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240-280z springs are the same diameter they can be cut to be a stiffer lower spring or if you are rally racing leave the spring intact for a lift. Add to the springs a nice set of KYB or Tokico shocks and you will have a better ride without bottoming

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No, too big around. You can use the rear 280ZX springs on the front of B210


I've never heard of composit coil springs -- are you sure?


Make sure that you have some suspension travel. He may have fitted lowering springs/cut springs but kept the stock compression bumper. You may have to cut the strut bumper in halft to give an extra inch of travel. THis is avery common problem.

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early z springs are compatible with the 210/b310 as well. I used 240 rear springs in the front of my 210/b310 rally car and moved the front 210 springs to the rear. for a 3 inch lift. I swapped to the front springs when I installed the L20 they fit but these are z not zx springs

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First you might want to figure out why the ride is bad.


1. When one is lowered 2", it may be bottoming out (not a spring problem). There is a rubber bumper on the strut shaft, it's like 2" high, cut it down to 1" high will gain you spring travel.


2. The springs may be too stiff. Stock spring rate is about 100 lb/in. People replace them with 275 lb/in for racing o whatever but it's really rough riding (compare to stock)


Cut the spring 1/2 coil at a time and check how far it lowers...

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