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weber dieseling


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I have a 72 521 which had the hitachi with the electric choke and idle cut off. I now have a L20b with a U67 head and the darn thing diesels bad. I got a report from Hainz saying this would happen but no solution. What is the answer?


Again I have the wire that went to the electric choke on the Hitachi and the separate wire that went to the idle shut off.

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Unless you have an idle cut solenoid on your Weber there isn't much you can do about it.


When shutting off, put in 3rd or 4th while holding the brake on and let the clutch out slightly to place a load on the motor, turn key off and it will stall. A little practice and you can do this without thinking.

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like I said earlier L20 came from Factory with a idle cut off selinoid. Otherwise it would desiel from the factory.

Most weber dont have these idle cutoff option unless you buy the 36/36DGEV-IC.


Some later DGAV carb have the bigger idle jet holder and get a selinoid.


Only best otherway to help lower the Run ON is premium gas and time it. clutch it.


With reg gas you might even PINP under a load with a L20. or any open chamber head . One way to reduce this later is a get a A87/W53 or SSS closed chamber head will help. But otherwise your OK.

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It is air that allows the engine to diesel. Setting the curb idle very low (500-600) RPM may cure the problem. It the weber is worn and passing to much air at idle, then you gotta get the carb fixed. It's a tricky problem caused by timing and heat, combustion chamber, etc, (changes for emission controls) which is why everyone went to idle-cut switches.

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I have a 32/36 with manual choke and no solenoid and mine was doing it when i first got it. I have it timed much better now and with my idle at about 700-800 it doesn't diesel when I turn it off. It DOES however shake like crazy. :D

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