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Upgrading/replacing your injector connectors


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heres a little info I thought Id stick up here from Blues Tech Tips

theres a ton more helpful info there too.




The new ones with the push style clip



Car Quest Part SK-25


Auto Zone part number is AZ #077926

GP Sorenson part number is 800-9213

AC Delco part number is PT-113

GM part number is 12085491




Here are two injectors readily available from a junk yard. A GM (from an Achieva and an Audi from an 89) The audi's are much better quality and include a hefty boot. The Audi had a 5 cylinder motor however there were enough connections in the engine compartment to do nearly two Zs.

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Here is another source for the connector/pins/waterproof plugs. I've used these and they are very good quality. Doesn't come with a boot. I used a meltable inner wall heat shrink that stays pretty flexible - works great.





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Thought I'd chime in since I'm replacing mine atm. My local Autozone didnt come up with the 077926 number, just checked their site, and it's not coming up either. However they do carry The GP Sorenson part number 800-9213 for $9.99 each. They had between 1 and 3 in stock at each of the stores in Austin.


For those of yall in the Central and Eastern US, Advance Auto Parts no longer carries GP, but they do carry BWD.

I did some cross referencing using one of their computers (I used to work there some time ago) and came up with the BWD number.

The BWD number is 28419A. However, they were $14.99 each, and had to be ordered from a local warehouse.

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Most of mine have broken plastic from trying to get them off.



yup and thats exactly why i posted this. doesnt happen with the push clips



gotta use two tiny screw drivers or picks and the clip wraps around almost all the way and you just have to pull the ends up and pop it off.

PITA not to break em.

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Saab has the connectors as well. quick connect. Their brake system also has a 7 pin connector for the turbo AFM. The boots are in much better shape. but you can check the pliability when you find them. I am sure there are other connectors on the saab for the 3 pin and 5 pin(?) non turbo.

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If you're on a budget Delcity.net has just the standard connectors for only $1.31 Each!! They are just the standard ones and don't come with a boot to cover it. But if someone knows where to get some boots for cheap these ones seem to be the best deal out there! Delcity.net and just look up "fuel injector"

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