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Polishing the instrument panel lenses.


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The lenses covering the Speedo and such are very cloudly. Anyone ever try to polish these plastic domes?


I've polished out plastic headlights before, but nothing like this.

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i once had some really awesome results useing, a cd scratch remover, it was in a little bottle and was a liquid almost like car wax, i had to take several attempts but it worked awesome.


brand name was EZ cd scratch remover, but it was almost 8 dollars for the bottle.


the lens i did was milky looking and had lots of tiny scratches from some one not cleaning it correctly, when i was done polishing it, it looked like new.

i think i did it about 5 times to get the result i wanted.

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You have to remove instrument cluster but it all comes apart with screws. A buffing wheel would help. Use jeweler's rouge and buff it. Beware pressing too hard, the buffing wheel can generate a lot of heat and will melt the thin plastic.... just take your time for good results. I've done tail light lenses and they look fantastic!!!! They come out deep dark ruby red.

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meguiars makes a plasic polish called PlastX its not expensive maybe 6 bucks at the most, ive used it on cd's, headlights, ipods, and other stuff that is plastic, i would do a test spot to make sure it doesnt cloud it up, ive had to polish 3 or 4 times to get the maximum effect, works good though

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