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My 77 620 Kingcab


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Figured I post up my truck...


When I first picked it up it looked like this..:)




First thing I did was shave the doors. :D




Then I picked up some big ol wheels :cool:




Then she got drrroooooppeed :eek:




After that it was a date witha few spraycans :cool:




Then I blew the motor (again)...so now it's time for a complete rebuild...




mmm balanced, blueprinted and lightened L20 with A87 peanut head




Also thanks to Ted, I'm combining this truck with a straight disc braked body & frame...




That's it for now, trucks going under the knife this week, and I'll be picking up that silver one next Sunday :D

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Now I see why you want a new shell (510 lingo) rusty floors sucks. Usually when the floors look like that there is more hiding.


Also you will see what I mean about the 18's once you get the disk brake truck. The rear end is much wider. I had to slightly roll the fender edge.

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No I haven't put them on yet, I have a flat tire on one of them. I want to run 215 35 18's to help with the cearence. My rig is like yours it will be tucking a little tire, yeah.


Your rust is like the 521 I'm working on. I don't understand why people bondo over rust. I haven't found any holes besides the floors yet.

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2eDeYe;1890'']BTW Ice, how'd you get the paint off your radiator?



I used a wire wheel in a battery drill, I got the wheel from shucks it kinda light duty, I think it cost 1.99 or something. I want to polish it sometime. Maybe when I turbo it :)


Before I try and fit the Armadas on the front I have to grind the hub. With the 521 project going I haven't spent much time on the 620. Its funny how once you start driving them, they are much harder to work on. I want to try and order a factory carpet kit. Do you have the part number by chance?

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Ya 1lo620, I love the look of the brass :cool:


Have you tried summit?



Not to sure about the radiator cover....there is a hotrod shop in everett that might have something like that....


Hey those are my shoes in that pic of your truck :D

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Nice trailer/topper there :D


Thanks pac...I'm pretty stoked to have it. Hopefully can get some rust work done tonight on it. Then POR15 then start assembly...


Still got the caps in storage, not sure what I'll do with them though as I can't see running 14" on any of my vehicles

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