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d21 front suspension into a 720...?


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hey guys!


New to the forum...:D

I've recently got a 720 cab but it has some issues with the front suspension. was wandering if the front suspension from a d21(freely awailable here) would swap into the 720. both sure look simmilar!! I'm thinking of swapping the entire steering assembly+diff+upperand lower arms.


has anybody done this... do u think it might be do able??:confused:

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Welcome to Ratsun. You may want to start by letting us know if your 720 is a 4X4 or 2X4. You said diff in there. Were you talking front diff?


I know you can put the 2X4 D21 spindles on the 620, SO, you should be able to put them on the 720.


As to the steering setup. Keep us posted as to what you do. I am thinking of trying this setup as well. Bebani and I were looking at the possibility.

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Wing windows! RHD! double cab and 4X4 wow. Hood would suggest an '81-'82 but the fender emblem is not quite right for an '82 I think. The trans case shifter is different from ours too. A very interesting vehicle. What motor is that?

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Its a Nissan TD27 natural aspirated 2.4l diesel (the same engine also comes in a TD version) . Its common in later nissan cabs in this part of the world.


the rig is a '83 model which originally came with a SD25 motor. Its my daily ride and do some offroading as well.

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