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im a father

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Congrats. :D

My little girl just came for a visit yesterday it was great. I haven't seen her in like 3 Months. Enjoy every minute you can they grow up way to fast. Mine is 26 years old now. Now I need a grand kid.

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hey guys, thanks very much. mom and baby are doing great after lots of visitors last night. it figures just as we put our heads down, she cried and needed tending to. took us till about 4:30am to get her figured out with nurses help. turns out she had to get some crap outta her lungs from birth, then she was happy and is still sleeping. looks to have a possibility of blonde hair, we originally thought she was brunette, but its lightened up already, she has blue eyes too. me thinks this is gonna be trouble!!! somehow she can hold her head up, the nurses havent seen a 1 day old do that ever. ill get some pix loaded when i get home, they will let us stay untill monday morning if we need to, otherwise we can leave anytime we would like.

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This is great news!! Kids are the greatest blessing ever. I wish you and your wife a great start to the family life. It is an exciting thing. You will laugh and you will cry, but, just remember you are a blessed man.

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...Now I need a grand kid.


Don't wish for that. My father-in-law still insists that I made him a grandfather before his time (He was 51 at the time...)


Congrats SHADY!!!

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My wife still wants a girl. We have 4 1/2yo identical twin boys and a 2 1/2yo boy that learned all the bad things and beats up the big brothers.

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thanks everyone, such a warm place around here to announce. hey adam240z, that is super cool, i let my wife know, hope yours is doing well on her first week. i will do my darndest to get her into datsuns, with 3 of them around always needing work, and a shop in the backyard, its bound to hopefully happen, even if its just support. here are some pix of me and the new little lady.






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