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How many of you guys!!

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Hmmmm, Hall Ass...?


Kinda like hall pass...


what the hell is the point of this thread?:mellow:


p.s. typing in all caps is kinda annoying, just a general internet rule.


Don't get it either

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I pulled my front/rear windshields bought some 3M super strength spray adhesive and sprayed my old funky/ugly headliner. Cut out the rough shape on some fabric called duvateen (its slightly fuzzy black on one side and smooth matte on the other, it is used in theatrics for masking sight lines) had a friend help me put it up working from the center out..Smooth the wrinkles out trimmed and tucked, $45 nice black headliner that is still holding strong in the summer heat and I swear it goes faster now ;)

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I used black carpet like speaker grill cloth glued to the roof of my 620.... looks fine. Don't run without it. In the winter the metal is cold and condensation will drip on you while hauling ass..... :mad:

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how about just cutting the roof right off, that way no worries about headliner/speed issues, but then you have to worry about rain water in the interior which can affect vehicle weight....there's no winning here!!:(:mad:

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