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Inland Empire Datsun Meet 1st Annual BBQ


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Well here we go everybody the 1st Annual Inland Empire Meet BBQ will be held at the Irvine Regional Park. We will start the BBQ at noon on our normal meeting day the 3rd Saturday July 18th. There will be a few of us who will get there early to try and reserve a spot close to a parking area so that hopefully we can all park together.


The cost to enter is $5 and there is a train for the Kids a small Zoo and fishing lake in the park!


Please try to bring some CASH because we will be having a 50/50 Drawing and some items to Raffle.


Here is the Map and Link to the park and its website.




All that is left is to figure out who is bringing what? I will bring my EZ-UP and Sodas and the photographer. Please get on and volunteer to bring what you can even if its just you and your Datsun if running! Cmon lets do it, see you all on the 18th! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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were in, we will bring some carne asada, salsa , corn tortillas, another ez up.

already picking up some great prizes for the raffle. if any one has anything they would like to donate for the raffle that would be great. the more stuff we have to raffle off the better :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

this is going to be great!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait

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I'll be meeting up with a few of you early to help set up. Don't forget to bring water!

Let's see....there will be tortillas so, I had better bring beans, too.

Macaroni salad and some fresh strawberries....maybe a watermenon or two would be good.

(I'm soaking half of one in vodka for myself.:w00t:)

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Sure wish we could make this. We really enjoy the Moreno Valley Meet. You all are great people. Our Roadster Club has a full day on July 18 starting at 7:00am (check out our day at http://www.socalroc.net). If anyone gets into town early come on over to Cars and Coffee before the Bar B-Q, the more the merrier:thumbup:


Hope you all have a great time. I guess we will see you next month in MoVal.

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Damn I don't think I'll have her ready...


Cutting it close though


Maybe all you guys that don't have yer dattos roadworthy should come out anyway......


As posted at the begining of this thread:

"Come on out even if you just want to eat and Talk Datsuns or Drive em' if you got em'. Hope to see everyone there!"


If you're reading this then...that means you!

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The park is huge!


The speed limit is 10m.p.h. in the park so, be forwarned.

There's a guy with a radar gun pointed at you as you come down the hill into the park. So keep it cool.

There will be RATSUN-ish signs posted directing you to the parking area.

It's going to be a blast.

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Just found out my new clutch master cylinder is arriving on friday. If I can get it in, my brakes dialed in, the engine tuned and a shakedown cruise I will be there... odds are probably not. If not I may come to hang out none the less


Thanks robert and everyone for all the hard work!!

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Ok guys,3 more days,we need to know who's bringing paper plates,forks,napkings,chicken,burger patties,hot dogs,bread,come on guys this is to quiet lets make some noise.................:fu:

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Chris aint kiddin guys lets get this thing rollin! Here is what 72Dyme and I will be bringing.


Me: Lots of Sodas, Water, Ice, EZ-UP, Forks, Plates, Napkins. :)


72Dyme: Hot Dogs, Buns and Condiments :blink:


73Dat: The world Famous Hat (Sombrero?) :cool:


Phiz: The Women? :eek:


Wicked Jester: The Amazing Datsun Kid! :lol:


Sorry Mark you cant make it, we will have our Photographer / Graphic Artist on hand so there should be great Pics!

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