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Pull a Part question

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So in my search for a tranny I called the pull-a-part in Lynnwood, they have other locations in Arlington and Tacoma. Anyway, they said its completely self service, but you cannot bring a floor jack. How in the hell am I supposed to pull a tranny without one?

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They don't want you lifting the cars off the stacked wheels they support them on, hence the no-jacks rule. I've seen a couple fall off on their own, fortunately no one was under them.


I've pulled plenty of transmissions from PAP using no more than a socket set and a pair of pliers. Well, I did grab a rear seat cushion out of a nearby car to let the transmisison fall on...

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I'm after a decent 5-speed from a mustang, I don't know how much they weigh. I figured around 100 lbs, but I've never pulled a tranny without a jack before. And I still may not, I might have a line on a tranny, hopefully get it next week.

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An easy trick that will save You grief and time is to remove the passenger side torshion bar. Just remove the long adjusting bolt, then the retainer "c" clip and slide out. The transmission can be easily removed then. I have done many this way on My back and Bleach is right, they don't weigh much. You can slide it out onto Your arms and knees then place on the ground to slide out from the side. The FUN thing is getting 90 weight gear oil on Your armpit hairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Takes about a week to finally get that smell out!!!!! Do early in the week so You don't blow Your "weekend chances"!!!! Chicks DON'T attract to the smell of 90 weight armpits!!! (Well, maybe SOME do!!!) Good luck!!!

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