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KA24E: Water coming from the back of the block at the crank...

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If it was the head gasket you would see water running down the outside of the block just above the transmission. I assume the water is running out in the general area of the bottom of where the engine and tranny bolt together? It could be from a leaky core plug about 2 1/2 " above the rear of the crank. The water will run down behind the flywheel and out.


It's the larger round plug in the picture. The one just to the lower right plugs the oil gallery.






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It is literally running out from the crank seal in the rear of the block.


UPDATE: Motor does turn, was told it does not start. Still concerned about the "water" coming from the crank seal.


UPDATE 2: Just drained the oil pan, got a quart or two of water then about a quart of some milkshake lookin shit.

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The rear crank seal keeps the oil in... should keep water out. If the freeze plug is leaking in the picture it shouldn't be able to get into the oil pan. That much water inside... I'm inclined to think like Hainz.


Has this motor been stored outside without being covered or air cleaner off??? Seen lots that get rained on and fill up like that. Seen more that freeze and crack the block, timing cover or pop freeze plugs. Have pulled pans only to find a huge rusty 'bathtub ring' of RUST along the crank throws and side of the block. Such a waste.

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