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Where is the fuel filter located on a 720 ?


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I have a 1983 720 series pickup with a 2.4 liter engine that was bulit in 4/83.

I changed the carb to a weber, so the old air filer is gone.

I was looking all over for a fuel filer and could not find one anywhere, so I figured it may have went with the old carb and air filter assembly ?

So I just put a new filter inline on the fuel line just before it gets to the carb.

Am I just overlooking where the factory fuel filter is located on my truck ?

If anyone kows please try to explain where it is located.


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The inline fuel filter (pt # 16400 06W00) is between the fuel tank and the electric fuel pump which is bolted to the outside of the right rear frame just forward of the rear wheel. The electric fuel pump has a twist off bottom cover and a removable/replaceable filter. (Pt # 16404 28530)

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