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Seat bolt size?


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Anybody know what size the bolts are that hold the seats to the floor pan? As I start to put my 1200 back together I find that mine are missing. The PO was good about bagging and labeling everything else, but these to have been missed. On a good note, this car was last registered in 1989 so I had few expectations on the condition of the motor. I dumped a touch of gas down the carb yesterday and stuck a gallon gascan under the hood with the hose in it. Freshly charged battery and two cranks and she fired right up. Warmed up and ran great! No smoke or bad noises. Needs some tires and a muffler but for the most part not that far from going down the road.:D

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Diameter: 8mm

Length: 18 to 20 mm (don't know for sure can't find my bifocals)

Thread pitch: 1.25


Just happened to have mine labeled and bagged as I am going back together with mine.


Had the same deal with mine when I got it. Sitting for 14 years, towed it to the house, battery, gas down the carb....started.


Hope the info helps,



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