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What did you do to your dime today?


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Thinking about going on vacation after tomorrow and replacing the rear cylender's and shoes on the 72/510. Then running the heck out of it and the 70/510.

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Ordered new struts/brakes/tune up stuff. Put a plastic barrier between the gas tank and the back seat to help me stop from passing out on the freeway.

I know that.
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Gave her a bath, adjusted the carb, and did a few little interior clean up items. Im about to move so Im just getting it ready for the trek. Then hopefully itll get a little more love since shes been lonely ever since I picked up an Xterra for a daily. 

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So far running the 70/510.




Just trying to burn this funky gas out and put new in it. So far running ok. Now have to go back and get the rear brakes working on the 72/510.

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Started working on replacing the rear wheel cylinders on the 72/510. I did noticed the part at one end of the parking break cable with the pin that connects to the lever that pushes the shoe one was gone. I will have to figure this out maybe someone has one. I'll ask in the classified section. I will take a pic of it and post it here tomorrow. Gotta get it working right.


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I've been working on building up an in-car computer.  These are my two first drafts of what I'm building, but I've come pretty far since I've made these videos.  





I'm currently running the Arduino to the laptop directly via USB, but I'm going to end up running everything through a Raspberry Pi out to a 10" monitor.


The setup allows me to run whatever gauges I want; in my current setup, I'm pulling the signal from a universal boost/vacuum sensor in addition to the gauges shown. I will also put in an accelerometer, but I'll have to figure out some fancy code to get that to display in a meaningful way.  I'm up for it, through.  

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