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Late 1969 sky blue wagon

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Some of you may have seen this in the craigslist for sale section on here. Well, after an 8 hour round trip its mine. Its had one owner for 35 years who sadly passed away recently. He kept meticulous records of everything from day he bought. Including how much time each thing took him. Very cool. Absolutely everything is still bone stock, with the exception of a weber. The car has something like 300,000 + miles on it, but as you can see was very taken care of.


I just finished buffing and waxing the car. Cleaning everything i could. It came out way beyond my expectations. Threw some ambers on the front and called it a day.










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Dude I wanted that car! I have been looking at it for a while now. Polished up nice:D It looks great as is but what are your plans for it?


Nice score bloke


whats the plans????



Plans are 2 inch blocks in the rear and coilovers in the front. thats pretty much it for right now. its just to much fun to drive to get deep into a project right now.


ALSO the guy i got it from is selling another datsun. i posted it in the forsale section. If you want his number, let me know

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amazing how many 510s dont have battery tiedowns .


the battery trays/top holders are about 10$ from Schucks.


Nice car!!!!!!!!!!!Really nice!!!!!!!!! I like the Hubcaps too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



hope it has a garage to go in



there actually is a battery tie down, it just kinda blends in. no garage right now, but we are moving soon so i should have one then.

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Little update...


So i lowered it about 2inches. i was trying to keep it level and not raked out. i might go a little more in the front but im not sure yet. Then I put on my rewinds from my other wagon. the rears are perfect, but the fronts kind of have a shitty offset. so i might just try to get 2 more in a different offset and throw them on. Not sure though. heres some pics!




And the shitty front offset


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