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WTB 521 rear window rubber/ seal

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Hey all, like the title says i need a rear window rubber/ seal for my 521. I looked on ebay but friggin $200 just seems a little step right now. Used is ok. Local would be awesome. I do have paypal. Thanks in advance.

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Is it for a 1 piece window? I may have 1 in the garage,used but in good shape & still plyable.


Its a one piece. Cool. Used is ok if its still plyable. Let me know. Thanks.

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Ok here it is. Cleaned it up a bit & it's amazingly in great shape...


& i coiled it up so you can see that it's plyable/flexible...


make me an offer..ive had it for 1 year & no longer need it.



Awesome. Thats what im looking for. But since its your part and im a "cheap mofo".....rather than offending you with a low ball just throw me your price with shipping.

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Ok no sweat. PM me with your zip code & ill figure shipping costs.


I think i pm'd you but im not sure. I suck at this forum stuff....i still dont know how to quick reply...hence the quote everytime. Anyhow, let me know if you got it. I need to get this ASAP as im moving pretty soon and its far. A back window will make for a much nicer/ easier drive. Thanks.

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