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510 parts for sale

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NOS 2dr sill plates. They are both for the right side but easy to modify to fit the other side $225 shipped


2 NOS fuse box assembly. $180 ea. shipped. One is for the 510 the other is for the Bluebird coupe maybe? Not sure but can someone clarify it with me.


JDM SSS Grille in good condition $200 shipped


Set of Bluebird fender lamps $85 shipped


Front and rear door weather shields for a 4dr. The front sheilds are polished smooth and the rear shields have a rough finish $160 shipped


2 Datsun radios $60 ea. shipped. One AM radio and the other is a new AM/FM radio with the knobs missing and the fuse holder broken.


Lower grill trim $70 shipped


Now for the pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/40156556@N05/?saved=1


I also have 2 NOS dash pads (not pictured) I might be willing to sell for the right price if not I'll just keep them


Also might be selling the bumpers off my car or keep them as spare because I found some NOS bumpers here locally

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thats a 69 sss grill


Oh. I really don't know shit about 510's My bad. I'm lookin for the pointy looking jdm grill.

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