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521 for sale

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ya ya ya.... heres another project im selling before i even drove it.


$500.00 obo. at ice's shop in Bay Minette, AL. sold as is. come get it. not exactly sure of what year. body is a lil rough. can deinatly be fixed. all glass is there. does not run. motor is pulled. is jsut a project.
















i wanna go a different route.




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If this dont sell in 1 month. Its going to the scrap yard.





The front end has been taken off, motor trans and all wiring pulled, dash is pulled, truck striped down to the cab bed and frame, all parts will go with the truck. But has been disassembled. Also there is not front windshield now. It split when the shop was removing it.



Cmon people....


Best offer

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Ya. The shop is moving. And were not transporting it to the new shop. I need it gone so it doesnt go to waste. Ill trade the truck from some airride parts. (4 new bags, slam 6's)

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Why does it seem odd? The other one was my old one i had. I traded it for the hb that was jsut in minitruckin magazine.



Someone buy this thing. 2 more weeks before it goes to scrap yard. Its gotta be gone by the 1st. The shop that its at is moving and they will be done by then. So i need it gone before then. Cmon guys i honestly wont turn down any resonable offer. Im jsut trying to break even right now. But ill take a loss if i have to. I know i can prolly get 150-200 for it for scrap. So at least offer me that. Lol

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