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My 521 then to now.


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Well got this 521 just over a month or so ago. Had a buy thread but figured I would do a build thread here. Bought it from a woman whose father had owned it and died. Needless to say, he LOVED this truck. Wrote a Happy 30th Birthday note to it, changed everything in it. The truck was so fresh when he passed and then sat for 3 years until I rescued it. So here it goes.



The day I bought it.






Then I cleaned it up a bit.




JC Whitney 521 front air dam.



Then we started working on it here and there. My friends at GarageZero lowered it and painted on it for me.






Then the finished product just in time for the 4th of Julay Old School meet. Many props to GarageZero!




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Nice! I dig the door-Sun !

IMHO, the bosch lights look way too big on the front....

looks like the truck will tip over! :D

It would look clean with just the air dam and a good lowering... don't add too much... cool truck

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A friend gave me those lights and we put them on there as it fit the whole "Rescue unit" thing. Since the truck runs so well, it was the rescue vehicle for the old school meet.


Couple more photos.




Barney Fife impersonator. 85% of the people at the meet had no clue who Barney was......



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IM not fond of the airdam but i like the patina you got going with the rising sun.


I bet you get lots of comments. Thats the fun part. people waving,kids waving,children throwing flowers at ya ect.......


Yea, kids love it. For some reason chicks do too, they say it's cute.

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