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pulling to the right

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i just replaced my wheel cylinders and springs up front and it's pulling to the right. they are bled and if i adjust the right side looser than the left it still pulls to the right. low right tire? air in the left line? i even tried adjustment with the left side mostly tight with some drag.



also i bought front b&a brake hoses from rockauto and the threads were wrong. i remember having this problem with the clutch slave cylinder hose seeing as they share the same threads as the front brake hoses. anyone have a part number for the front brake hoses so i can get through nissan.cc? thanks

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Cant you just get an adaptor?



Which side is wrong? The part that does on the cylinder or the line?


Edit: I also read that the 620 and the 521 use the same brake drum? But possibly the cylinders use different threads? So can you possibly have to upgrade to 620 cylinders? Just an idea since maybe the hose you got is probably meant for a 620 instead of a 521.

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