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I noticed not many Ratsuners run tinted windows

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Here in AZ most of the guys run tinted windows. Your car turns into an oven if you don't.


I had an 1984 RX7, and I had a thermometer in the a/c vent......Came out one summer day and it read 160.......ONE HUNDRED SIXTY inside the passengers compartment!

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I got a Ratsun sticker, that's better than tinted windows.


Yes, it doesn't often get hot enugh in Western Washington to need tinted windows. Some of us still have original Datsun dashes that aren't cracked even though parked outside. We just crack the windows on a hot day (was 93 in seattle area yesterday).


So that leave "just for looks". Ratsun's all about function over form, or was it rust over function?

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I think its an era thing, i won't put tint on my Datsun no way, i rather have nice clean windows (clean enough that it seems that there's no glass) than tint, having tint is like having 20"s on a 510, or even having TV's and big sound systems, just my opinion, depends on taste i guess

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