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WTB: Beater car (in or near California)

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First off: I basically never post over here, I'm way more active over on HBZ, but I figured I should cross post to most of the Datsun sites around.




I'm looking for a car that I can use while I'm working/getting work done on the Z.



-Pass smog if it has too (for those outside of California, that means it has to be able to pass if it's post 1975)

-No *major* rust. If the trailing edges of the doors, or the trunk lips are starting to rust, rust spots on the hood, trim, etc, that's fine. If I can put my foot through the floor, or the frame has cancer, that's not so fine (basically, if it just looks bad, that's fine. If it could be dangerous, that's bad).

-Drivable. The Z is my project car, I just need this thing to run period (exceptions below).


Ideally, I'd like another Z, a 510, or a late 60's-90's Japanese pickup/SUV. If it's a 510 or Z (or a 521 or 620), I don't mind if it doesn't run for whatever reason.


I don't care if the paint is a uniform color (rattle cans can fix that), I don't care about how fancy the wheels are, I just need something to get me around in case the Z goes down for any reason. Also, I'm trying to avoid spending mega $$$ on it.




In short: Have a car/pickup/SUV you don't want anymore? Let me know, and I'll probably be willing to take it off your hands. What I'll pay obviously depends on the condition of the car/what it is.


PM me here, email me at panzerace@gmail.com or contact me on aim: AsYetInsane


Thanks in advance guys.

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