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Help! 620 rear leaf spring bushings! WP/N!

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"Energy suspension P/N# 2.2107g" is both listed @ the Datsun Faq http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=2129 and the part Numbers http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=4176 .... This kit wont work on a 620... Has any one really tried them? They are smaller and they just wont work. :mad::mad::mad:


So me question is, were can I find new ones? The only place who seems to make them new is Superpro who still has the Datsun 620 marked in there catalog with these three part numbers for the rear leaf spring.


SPF0055K Rear Spring Front Eye Bushing

SPF0056-4K Rear Spring Rear Eye Bushing

SPF0228-4K Rear Spring Shackle Upper Bushing


There catalog says that these part numbers are not compatible with other cars. So there is no other parts/bushings you could use on the 620 leaf spring. They are unique! So who ever said that "Energy suspension P/N# 2.2107g" would fit a 620 and a 521 please speak up and tell me how and why. Have you even tried them?


What I did learn is that I bought energy suspension P/N# 7.2103G from a 1987 Nissan hardbody 2wd. They should probably work with some mods. I will let you know tomorrow if they work or don't. Peace!

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So here is what I found... Energy suspension P/N 7.2103g for a hardbody 2wd will work on the 620 springs with little mods. But you do need the Hardbody shackles because the 620 ones wont work.


Here are some pics.


The rear bushings are easy to take off. Just pop them off! The front ones are pressed on and I had to chisel them out!




As you can see the new bushing is the bottom one from the top pic and here it is semi installed.




Note: The front eye bushings are a very tight fit. I will freeze them too shrink them and sand down the eye a little since there is some rust inside.


Here are the rear eyes. Nice tight and snug!




Here are the hardbody shackles that you will need to use. The front bolts might need some trimming.




So there you go! New Bushings for my 620! Peace!!!

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Up to 07'77... rear spring bushing #55046 07200 two per spring @ $4 ea.

After 08'77.... rear spring bushing #55046 B0700


Front spring bushing all... #55045 B5000 one per spring @ $35 ouch!

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Yeah. Those pics are the hardbody poly bushings. I had to use the hardbody shackles and they are on and look great. There was one thing I had to reuse! I cant explain in very well since I don't have pics... The front "stock" bushing is pressed on and in the center there are in each side metal sleeves. I reused those metal sleeves and pressed them on the new poly bushings... That is all...


Here are some pics.





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This might be a stupid question, but is it possible to fabricate new shackle mounts that give you the extra inch or two you're looking for? It won't get you more travel, but it will get you some extra lift...

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OK........ The 720 4X4 was set up on a SPRING OVER (rear diff mounted UNDER the spring) and had a flat spring. In my opinion, the best way to RAISE a 620 would be to get a set of 720 4X4 springs and set your 620 rearend up with a spring over. This will get you ROUGHLY 2 1/2" of lift.

The springs are the same length as the 620.

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I am in the middle of this mod right now I have a new set of leaf springs and the Energy Suspension bushing kit.. I am going to a pick-n-pull within the next couple days to get a set of hardbody shackles, but I dont have my stock front bushings anymore, so I am missing the sleeve that goes on the front bolt. (I still have the front bolts though)


Anyone know of how I can solve this problem? I am for some reason wanting to think the sleeve isn't something you can go buy at ace hardware..


Or does someone have a set of stock 620 leaf spring front bushings that I can buy for the sleeves?


Thanks for any info..

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