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I made a trip to the JY today


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So, I found this Jewely Yard :D about 1.5 hours away.


  • Bring your own tools
  • Be in the yard before 10:00
  • Be out by 11:30 or you will be there until 1:00 after lunch
  • Pay on the way out


Got there at 9:15, and had a box of tools. Told the owner I'd come back and get them if I found anything. He said you will be sorry, it's a long walk. He was right. About 1 Mile to where the Dats were, up hills, ove creaks, no vehicles allowed in the gate. I work out every day, but my friend with me was huffing and puffing. There was a lot of pickups, but you needed a bushog to ge to them. Windows gone, plants growing inside.


The only thing I found I wanted was the tray under the glovebox. Found one like new. Actually, there were a few of them there.


So, didn't get much, but it was fun. My friend was lookiing for something that was on the other side of the compound. I know I walked at least 3 miles with that toolbox.


I really wanted to find an inner tailgate. I would have gotten another carb just to dissassemble, but they had all been removed.

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Next time spend the day 'gleening' parts and store somewhere safe on the lot. Next time you need something it's like going shopping. This way if the vehicle gets taken away and crushed the parts are safe. I admit this is a bit of a prick move if others are looking for the same parts. In my area there are few Datsun owners and I hate to see shit scrapped.

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i enjoy strolling thru the yards and lookin at differant vehicles and seeing what could be used on others to do custom stuff, and also lookin at some of the basket case butcher jobs others have done , and wonder what were they thinking, and also gettin into that groove u guys r talkin about, it is soothing just ckin out differant things..:D

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I went out this morning. Got a set of 280zx struts, and met a fellow Ratsun member (maximo?) chatted with him for a bit about his pickup and the site.


Overall a good day. Can't beat 1/2 price and free hot dogs. And I didn't get too hot.

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any 521's at this JY???...i am a va boy too...


Crap, don't remember, really wasn't looking for them. The were all so burried in the weeds.


Now if you wanted parts for Toyota Trucks, this place was full of them. Doesn't say mych for Toyota :D

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