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biggest jackass ever!

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10+ years later i now know why my 72 521 doesn't stop after several brake jobs. it never stopped correctly after i did my king pins. hint hint. i always thought this might be the problem but never looked at it due to laziness i guess. the part that pisses me off is not only am i a jackass but so are the shops that looked at it and they get paid for that shit.





i'm guessing this will fix my problem. i kept telling everybody it stops on a dime when going in reverse.:D i win the jackass of the decade award for this one. hell i almost got rid of my truck a few times cause it wouldn't stop.

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you wouldnt believe the relief i feel just knowing all i need to do is swap sides. my plan a was to take the whole brake system including the lines off my 71 and put them on my 72. my 71 is the daily beater mind you. then buy the whole system out of the yard and put it on my 71. probably why i never got around to it.

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I am betting that this isnt so much of a problem with the shoes on the wrong sides as it is a much bigger problem with the backing plates being on the wrong sides and the wheels cylinder is then backwards. The piston now only works good in reverse.


When they are all installed correctly, they don't stop worth a damn in reverse.


However, Disc brakes solve both of these problems.:cool:

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done deal. the dog bones were on the correct side. the spindles with backing plates and wheel cylinders were pointing in the wrong direction.


left side came apart easy


right side king pin was seized in the dog bone and i had to take it to the machine shop and before i knew it i had to do the king pins again. oh goody.


good thing i had a spare new king pin set cause they're getting hard to find.


stops great now.:)

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