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Cost thread for KA24DE

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Hey guys just purchased a 71 510 2 dr and was looking to make it my daily driver. As of right now it has no drivetrain but does have the mckinney KA motor mounts and tranny mount. Im trying to come up with a price breakdown to do a KA24DE into this car. Nothing crazy, stock engine and trans.


Motor and trans with 100K on them - $400

Replace gaskets on motor - $150

Fuel tank modification/pump - $150 (appx 100 for a Walbro 255, and maybe $50 to modify a sending unit into the top of your tank)

Drive shaft shortened - $100

Wiring - $100

Radiator - $100

Headers - $150

Intake - $50 (90* elbow toward pass. side is cheap and easy)

Exhaust - $300

Battery + relocation kit - $200

Fuel cell - $200

Fuel lines - $100

Wilwood brake kit - $1300

New clutch for 5 spd - $300

Misc - $200 (new hoses, lines, wires, connectors, spark plugs, etc, etc)


TOTAL - $3800



What am i missing?

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you're missing the easy button, it's NEVER going to be what you think it will cost at the end. Just start and don't think about it.


My KA I thought I had planned out well and priced logically. nope. there is always something you didnt think of. I drove mine every day for about 2 months, breaking in the rebuild and new everything. After that I bought a 97 accord from my brother inlaw to replace it as the daily driver. Its not right forcing the car to sit in traffic, so now she comes out every weekend or super nice day where I feel like driving the dime. having a second option is a GREAT investment is my point.


Also some days you're so tired you just want an automatic with AC.

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I think you can subtract the "fuel cell," as you have monies aside for fuel tank mod and pump? Plus, $1300 for brakes seems a lot. You can get 280zx for way less than that. Get some porterfield rs-4's and steel lines and you're good.

But...I still think $3800 is a good amount minus my previous input, as you always forget shit with a swap.

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God i was just running some more numbers and shit adds up! To get the car around 80% of where i'd like is going to run $10K! and this is doing the work yourself..


Paint + body - $1000

Wheels + tires - $800

Seats and interior - $800

Dash + gauges - $600

roll bar - $400

Glass - $400

Lights - $400

Weather stripping - $150

Coilover suspension - $600

Misc. - $500


Im sure im missing a ton..

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Its best not to add it up. Just dont think about it...its too depressing.

Just keep blindly spending until your car is done. And I dont mean credit card spending! cash only, otherwise you will get yourself in trouble.


Its not about how much you spend, but how much you like the finished product.

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It will be a lot more than $3800 when you get done with it, trust me. I'm about 75% done with my SR swap and I've got AT LEAST $6,000 in it with about $1000 to go. Of course you don't have to worry about a turbocharger or anything, but still, I was planning on maybe $5,000 all together and that's with me doing all of the work.

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Guest DatsuNoob

I agree, break it down into phases. Focus your funds on the areas of priority. Dont be like me, and buy shit for everywhere on your vehicle or it'll take forever! Sometimes I'm like, "well, that's a good deal, I'll get it for someday when I get there" :lol:. I also reccomend buying a complete swap (motor, trans, ECU, wires), instead of hunting, guessing, and nickel and diming. You'll save a few hundred that way and you wont buy things you dont need.

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600 dollars for coilovers?! are you just doing weld ons to the front only? what about shocks? what about the rear?


if we're playing the put numbers on the table with probably little follow through game why dont you add say 900 to that 600. 1500 would be a "good" investment in suspension. 600 would be a band-aid. Unless you have sources, and abilities I know nothing about.

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