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Duke boys are at it again on CL

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Haha!! So retarded, it's funny! :fu:


They are making up ads that each others cars are for sale, but they're really not.



1982 Datsun 280ZXT w/NOS 400HP - $2900 - (No Po)



1982 Datsun 280ZX Turbo w/NOS. 400 HP at the wheel. Immaculate! See Pics. Need money or 420 in trade


Call Cooter @ 971-270-6383.



Datsun 280ZXR, Holy Car, Drove By Jesus - $2666 - (portland)


Best Damn 280ZXR on the planet, God Chromed my engine, its worth 8K alone.

Church needs donations, so im selling this old turd, and giving the money to earn me a higher spot in heaven, Fourth of july discount.

My boyfriend hates the car anyways, $2,666

360-798-8893 Hanson man meat master z , putin the love into the glove. im eric, spreadin it all over.

Luke Duke, AKA Holy Roller, AKA Meat Muppet Master Z,

Better known for his drunkin 420 smokin bar fight loosing homo actions seen on you tube. Be on the lookout, Dukes is his favorite.





Original thread: Another funny z-car post on CL :lol:

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Haha!! If the Jezus car was up for trade for 420, that would be some holy smoke! :cool:


I can't believe where they dug up those photos, lol. Some are really old.


Last summer (or the summer before) at PIR / Beaches cruise-in someone set a mannequin under their car, like a girl was working on it:




So of course Bryan had to pose with it like he was having sex or something :lol:

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