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Removing hand brake lines from diff?


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I have this newer diff from a longer kingcab 620 and it seems like the hand brake lines are bigger/longer. How can you take them off so I can install the shorter single cab ones? My truck is a 74 and the diff I want to install is from a 79 620. Thanks!

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I think the '79 axle is slightly wider side to side than the '74. No big deal unless lowered. Also the longer E brake lines will work, just zap strap the excess length up onto the frame so it doesn't get caught or dragged.

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Thanks, I will give it a try. I would post pics if some problems occur. THANKS!


EDIT: I also did not want to get the 79 diff because I knew it was wider... BUT!!!! The front will be getting disks and I heard that will add some width in the front. So too even it out... I got the 79 diff... Was that a wise decision?

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sorry mike, I was a little buzzed last night and missed "longer kingcab",

I can see where that would make a differants. carry on :D






I got the 79 diff... Was that a wise decision?


Yes a '79 axle with front discs seems ok.


Was the diff from a standard or an automatic??? All '79 4 and 5spd standards came with a 4.11 rear axle ratio. If you feel this is too low for your L18 you should swap your old diff into it before installing it. All you need is a 12 and 17mm wrench and some Permatex gasket maker sealer. Try to avoid RTV for this.


You could probably sell the 4.11 as it's a nice mileage gear on a truck that doesn't carry any heavy loads and sees a lot of highway use.

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Yeah, ben sold it to me. I think it did came off a 5 speed 1979 620. The problem today is that the drive shaft wont fit! Its too long? I'm going to first bolt the diff down and maybe that will set it back a little. Also the hand brake lines are not the same. They are way longer and it has different ends. Sooo... Just cut them off?

top from 74 620



bottom 79 620


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This is the story of how it happen. I installed the diff right when the truck was on jackstands grabbing from the frame. So I try next to install the shaft but it wont budge! So I take off the carrier bearing for some play and then install the shaft. looking good! When I try and install the carrier bearing again I cant. The shaft is toooo long!!!! The bearing would only like to stay on the side and it wont let me place it on the middle. So I just install the tires and take it off the jacks and drop it to go inside. Then Datzenmike wanted pics, so I went got my camera and I jacked up the truck from one side only too checked the carrier bearing too take some pics. But now there seems to be more play than before! Huh? It now seems I can install the bearing with out any problems. I think it only hurts the truck when I jack it up off the ground on both sides from the frame? Well here are some pics...


(This is how it looked like when the problem occured. Top pic shows that it only wanted to be on its sides when on jacks and bottom pics shows that the only way i could put it in the middle when on the jack stands was way up high like shown. Now when in the floor the drive shaft has more play. But I am afraid that if I take this truck off any sweet jumps, the transmission will fail...)





:Note: I am also using hardbody shackles and they seems a little longer than the stock 620 ones. Would that affect anything?!?!!?!?


Also How would one swap hand brake lines? They seems metal stamped on! I will try some vice grips to remove them...

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I guess I need the shaft reduced a bit. Here is were the bearing sits now. It sits ahead.


Here is a pic of the diff. Its not aluminum.... What type of diff is it? the center does not look like my old one.




O well... I will cut it at the very end of the rebuild. I need to do the disks on the front.

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