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Wtb - '78 B210

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The Grille I can help with.


The shift boot I would get from Ebay.


Front Seats? Technically the Seats I have currently are modded to fit the 78 I had. They are Pulsar seats and I took the bottom off and back rest and fit them to the 78 Seat Bottoms. They are currently in use though in my 75, the just do not fit that well because the 78 has the variable height mounts and the 75 is even height mounts. I would need to get out and get other seats first though. But maybe this gives you an idea on what to do for seats.


Defrost/Heat Control Lever, are they not a single assembly, if not I could probably pull from a car at one of the yards down here.

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Was just at Pull-A-Part in Lynnwood (North Seattle)

They have a near complete 1978 B210. No shifter boot; it is an automatic. Front seats are there, but ripped and torn. Trunk lid is sedan, not coupe.


It did have Defrost/Heat Control Lever but not sure which piece were asking about. It seems a whole assembly, unless you mean the knob. But there are three levers each with a knob.

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Seems I forgot to subscribe to my own thread, sorry for responding so late on this.


ggzilla - Thanks for picking up the deck lid, seat and window trim! I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to come get 'em.


freaky510 - A whole B210? Absolutely interested, PM me please.


AZrat210 - If there isn't a grille locally, I'm interested.


Thanks again guys, I'll stay on top of this thread a little better now...

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ggzilla - do you have room to store a few more parts? :D


The grille would be great.


I think the lever is just broken on my heating unit, I might be able to epoxy in some sort of extension. I was able to move the assembly from above. If the heater box comes out easily, I'm sure I could use some or all of it.


I need a fan resistor too, I've only got one speed (high).

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I look for those grille and heater box /control


If you see a 1200 coupe in the yards, grab these:

* Cowl top vents, if in one piece

* door top chrome trim (if cheap)

* fuel filler hose, if in good condition

For a sedan:

* Windshield

* stainless grille & headlight rims

* good rear seat (sedan), original black material



* original tunnel carpet, even a dirty scrap, to match new fabric

Yellow, gray, or blue checked

* 13667.jpg

* factory radio, if cheap (< $20)

* any badges/emblems

* straight bumpers

* hood if very good condition

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