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70 wagon IRS swap project

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hey ive been around forums for a whiile, but just too lazy to post anything so just lurking. Anyways, I finally began a project with my wagon. Its an olive green 70 wagon with a 77xxx miles so im pretty stoked on the interior minus the headliner. The car had sat a while outside so has plenty of surface rust in various places. Other than rust, its a one owner car that hasnt been on the road since the 80's and is pretty decent shape as far as wear and tear.


So i got the wagon back to my house a couple weeks ago plotting my attack on this thing and this is what ive come up with so far.





started some patch work and por15'd the rockers





As far as the IRS goes... i had a sedan that got totaled so i kept the the rear piece that was left from sawzalling the car to pieces.





Heres a pic during the mock up. Its starting to fit nicely!





Today ive done the final mock up and closed the rockers back up and rust sealed the suspension mounting boxes that were accessible while the IRS pan was out.


Tomorrow I'm headed to fill another bottle for welding and hope to have this tacked up for the least so i can start filling in the rest of the wells and floor.

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Looks good dude, always had thoughts of doing an IRS wagon since one of the guys over here in Australia put an S13 rear end into his wagon.


Shame you didnt get a bit more of that rear cut, but looks like it had a bit hit in the ass.


Keep the pics coming, looks good.

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mini tub is kind of on the back burner until i know my wheel offset but most likely will be done.


Im hoping for no alignment issues. Its awesome how both of the cars measuring across the car from the seams of the wheel wells and all the way down the rockers are an exact fit. Even the taper of the of the wheel well seam as it nears the rocker is perfect. today i tacked everything up and it seems square as hell everywhere ive measured.


As you can probably see in the pics, the cargo area of the wagon is about 3 to 4 inches higher than the floor of the trunk area so it will need to be dropped to match which is good because thats where most of the rust is on the wagons anyways.


thanks for the replies guys. more pics on the way when i get back from idaho.:D

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got alot done in the last week. It takes alot to get everything trimmed up and looking decent enough to weld. Its also real important not to get certain spots to contract as the rockers are getting tons of clamping and welding done. here are some updates...



Rockers are coated multiple times and finish welded.








tranny tunnel on the wagon is a little taller so had to match that. floor is done too.






TODAY i finalllly got around to the wells. The wagon wells are a little more hotdog shaped so they required a bunch of pulling and hammering to patch up but came out nice.





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Holly shit it is in. WOWOWOWOW! Please please please include more pics. I love it!



I'm I wrong in thinking that this wagon could beat non wagon 510? Why? well I think since the weight is distributed evenly? 50/50 weight distribution? COOOL! You can race it and take your kids too school. AWESOME!!!!

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