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SSS SU air box for sale

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Hey guys,



Excuse me if I am calling this by the wrong term,but I am new to Datsun's I have a stock air box off the twin 38mm SU's I installed on my L20B A10 Stanza that I no longer need,and I thought it would be of use to someone else. It didn't clear the master cylinder booster on my car,so I opted to go with a set of 6" round chrome filters instead. How does $75 + shipping sound. I also have a new filter for it that I bought on eBay a few weeks ago. The only issue is I tried modifying some stuff,and sued some two sided foam tape on the filter,and a home made filter lid to try to make this stuff fit,and now the filter has some sticky stuff on it from me removing the tape. It can be cleaned off I am sure,and I would like to get some money extra for the filter as they are hard to find,or was for me. I think I paid $25 for the filter alone. $100 Shipped for the whole thing including filter sound good?Pics can be seen here:






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