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It came to me in a dream...

Beau M

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So I went to a little museum over in Ellensburg, and they had an old steam powered car there. I had a dream about it, sort of, and started jotting notes down. If this has been done please tell me, or if it would look stupid.


What if I ran all the wires under the hood in copper tubing. Spark plug wires, harness, everything. Using connectors and bends where I could. Make it look like an old steam punk sort of thing. THEN, what if i build real thin "boxes" that sat on the valve covers. The top would be lexan, the bottom a mirror. I could put a little electric motor in there to drive some gears and chains and stuff, have them turn when the hood is open. Like clockwork valve covers or something, and the mirror would make it look like you were looking INTO the valve cover. Or, lexan windows in the valce vover itself? I honestly think I could do it...


Am I crazy?

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