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Feeler: A10 stock intake/exhaust parts

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Hey guys,



Now that I am 99% done with swapping to twin 38mm SU's on my 78 A10 I was wondering if there would be any interest in the stock intake/exhaust manifolds,the air box,and assorted other parts that I removed? The engine is a L20B with the W85(I think ) round port head,so you guys get an idea of what I have. The exhaust has the tubes in the ports blocked off,and the carb was rebuilt by me,and is shiny clean. Any interest in this stuff? If so let me know what you need,and I will see if I have it,and the prices will be reasonable. I even have the whole stock exhaust system that is in good shape aside from the tial pipe is rusty,and missing the very end of it due to rust. It is a NON-CATALYST system however so guys in the smog states like Cali may not be interested in this stuff.



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