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I may be picking this up soon...it's not exactly an 810, but it's a 5 speed and still looks cool..lol




I call it a 810 nissan did too half the time(up to 82). I parted 3 of them (diesels) this past summer. CV IRS 3.7 r180, direct s30 bolt in on top of the stroker cranks.


I imagine that one is petrol though, l24e, if it's a 5 speed.


The 280zx and 810 actually share the same chassis. Pretty cool.

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Guest kamakazi620

last night after i got off the computer i went and laid down with my gf.


she was watching trading spouses or some shit. they were in texas and there was some hillbilly ass mofos on there, the 11 year old kid would drive around in their yard with a grey 810. soon as i saw it i said "thats a datsun!!"


My gf said, your lame for knowing that :D

Tell your GF I said she's lame for NOT KNOWING that!!!!

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beautiful but how does it pass cali smog laws?


i want those mags lol i thought mine were wide what are they 10s? or are they just some really negative offset 8 or somthin?


well as for compliance with the local regulations. there is no compliance here. as far as this thread is concerned, its a track car only! we will only trailer this car to meets LOL. the wheels are 14x9's. they are way deep with 4 inches lip and 6 inch front spacing.

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