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Love it! Lets see some interior pics! Is that red interior?

I have a project thread on this car right here : http://community.ratsun.net/topic/68837-1978-datsun-810-wagon-4spd/ tons of pics .


And heres a youtube clip i made from some testing gopro footage https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uIotYtZhUZg PS. horrible windnoise ,need to get a "deadcat" for my mic. But there is a semi nice tunnel pull in it tho hah.

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Put these pics up on the bozo thread, thought those headlight covers were bad ass I've seen them once before on a different 810 in a Japanese magazine anyone have the slightest clue where to get them? Ima gonna try yahoo japan see if I get lucky!




Any luck with finding these? They are just awesome

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Been toying with the idea of painting the spare grille i have black after seeing that JDM 810 in the magazine a few posts earlier.  So i decided to do a quick photoshop to see the difference.


So what do you guys think, yay or nay?





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I would leave the four lines that come down on the grill at least. I've seen an all blackout 810 grill before but I don't have a pic of it saw it on Instagram.



Cool idea.


Did two more pics one with and without the four lines.





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Maybe a +12mm offset would tuck under better. if you lower the car alot.But I dont know if rim or tire might hit the strut housing. I know on 280zx the +25mm rim will hit the strut.


I just dont know on 810s whats the best offset. 0 offset is not enought if you lower the car alot more.



I llike RBs they are cheap. I have a set also on my beater 510

Im not going to lower the car so

Rota RB 16x7 +4 offset should work fine with 205/45/r16 tyres. :-)

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