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720 Lower Ball Joints

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You will need to rent a 'pickle fork' or ball joint separator. It looks somewhat like a tuning fork as well and wedges on each side of the ball joint. You pound on the end and drive it in and it splits the joint from the knuckle. It tears up the rubber seal but doesn't matter if replacing anyway.

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You will have to support the lower control arm, as when it separates from the knuckle it will want to swing down with the force from the torsion bar. Be careful! Maybe loosen the ball joint nut so there's a few threads holding it, then separate it. The nut will keep the arm from moving too far, then you can support it and remove.

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Right on to all the advice. definitely replacing, the free play was ridiculous. took the load off the torsion bars and might not retension them as much to lower the ride height a bit? still haven't been able to free up one side despite pounding the s**t out of the pickle fork.. any suggestions or just get a bigger hammer?

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Screw the pickle fork. Three GOOD solid hits from a 3lb. sledge directly to the side of the spindle at the lower ball joint stud and it will pop loose without a problem.:D


The pickle fork will just piss you off and make you want to throw it. :fu:

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