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How long should a fuel filter last?


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05h00 this morning on my way to work, going up a mountain pass, my truck (L18 motor) started miss - firing badly, then stopped. I found both fuel filters blocked. Thing is, they are both only about 600 miles old. Usually I replace them every 10 000 miles. Never had one blockage before. I run two GUD disposable plastic filters between tank and carb. How long should a fuel filter last?

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truck the gas tank is exposed in the wheelwell. Well at least my 521 truck.

dirt can get past the gas filler tube and get inside.

Here in washington the tank is exposed to rain water and rust can also settle in there. I had proplems pluggin my idle jet. clean it then with in a minute or so it would be plugged again. Now I run 2 filters.


On Datsun 510 the tank is Inside ,never gets dirty. I usually changed the filter when the plastic looks old. not that they are plugged.

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Dirt gets in when refueling too. My truck get's lots of dirt around the filler gas cap. Some is bound to get in when you take it off. Even the fuel might have some crap in it. Cut the filter open and see what's in there. Rust flakes, dirt, plastic??

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One of the advantages of really early Datsuns is that they used a glass bowl [like 1950s Chevys] and "rag bag" gasoline filter [not sintered bronze elements]. You can see the crud and in a pinch rinse off the rag bag and go on your way.

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