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emissions haha!

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ok so today me an my bud goto the emissions place to test his care so he can register it.. first time through, fail.. exhaust leaks to bad to get a good reading.. guy reccomends we goto schucks up the road.. inface ledevil works theres so im like aight.. so we go there, get this exhaust tape shit, needless to say that stuff doesnt work for shit.. anyway we also realize where one of the hangers of his muffler fell off is a hole.. so we plugged it with a napkin.. an went back to the emissions place, hoping the drive there would help seal the tape.. well it didnt if anything it made it fall off.. so i was lookin through the car an came accross a sock, so i took the sock an tied it around the exhaust where the hole was, ran her through a second time, PASS!


btw they didnt charge us for the first one

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hmm. mine passed just fine. but, that was when I had all the smog stuff in and the stock carb. should still pass with the weber..I would imagine


hahahaha you guys arent in cali non of that shit would have worked and you would flunk visual for not having "smog approved" equipment cali smog is a BITCH im so glad i have to go threw it with michelle :D

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