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The Original Ratsun Rat-N-Wrenches Logo Decals/Stickers For Sale Thread

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Based on numerous requests I got more stickers for you guys biggrin.gif.
Sorry for taking so long, I've been on travel.

I made these slightly smaller since the last set seemed just slightly too big.

Approx 5" tall by 4" wide


$5/ea. picked up or $6 shipped domestically. 

International buyers PM me for total...thanks!

You don't have to PM, just send payment...oh and be sure to include your name/address and Ratsun nick/handle too smile.gif

Here's the list of guys that wanted some from the original thread, but it's first come first served:eek::
hang_510 (2)
RisingSon (2)
NSR s30 (2) + NSRZ32 (2)?
moparvwfreak (2)?
bmxanddie (2)?
sdsurf (1)
wana510 (1)
68 Datsun 51 DIME (1)
tdaaj (4)
jarclay (3)
djlotus (2)
moisabamf (2)
edz280zx (2)
5&dime720 (2)


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i should have some cash by the 7th. if they sell out by then i guess i'll wait for the next round. but i would need 4. one for the 620, one for the RC, and 2 for whatever datsuns i get later on :D

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Thanks guys...got all your payments and have shipped out all orders before hang_510 today.


Orders from hang_510 up to h2theizzo's will be put in the mail box tonight.

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Everyone that ordered/paid today have thier stickers in the mailbox now waiting for the mailman to pick them up first thing in the morning.

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