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Damn! My new carb Accel. Pump won't fit!


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I ordered a GP Sorensen carb rebuild kit. The Accelerator Pump will not go in. It's leather with a spring inside. I have soaked it in oil as reccomended, and forcing it just starts tearing it on the edges. It's not just tight, it will not even start to seat. I have 1/4 inch before I could even get the plate to screw on, then it has to be able to plunge.


The one in there was rubber.


Damn I am pissed!

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my new one is rubber, sounds like maybe the leather one is too big. or needs a longer soaking time


I have another brand on order, and will return this one.

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I picked up another kit today at Car Quest. This one fits, but even though it has CC label, it lookes like the Sorensen kit.


But alas, this did not fix the problem. It idles so smooth, and sounds great rev'd up, but accelerating, it chokes and sputters. If you stomp the pedal, it almost dies.


I sprayed carb cleaner around the base like is mentioned in "Keeping your old Datsun Alive". When I do this you can hear a change. Maybe I have a leak at the base of the carb. Also, if I starve it for air with a rag over the top of the carb, I see bubbles in where you see the float coming from somewhere. Do you think this is the issue?


How hard is it to just pull the carb off and put a new gasket? Maybe I need to have my video camera ready so I can get it back on :D


The other option of course is a new carb from Advanced Auto for $260.


There has to be a reason this is happening. My motorcycle carbs were a lot simpler!

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If it leaked at the base of carb the truck would NOT idle.


what is your timming????????


Haven't checked timing yet. This really seems fuel related somehow.


BTW, I have one small oil leak, it's where the temp sensor goes in the side of the motor. Is this an easy fix?

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Oil won't come out the temp sender, it's likely the oil pressure sender just to the rear of the filter? Just grab another from any year Datsun.


#25240 89910 about $15 @ dealer.



Thanks, that is the sender. Got a new one coming for $8 !


The place that quoted me for the Carb, now tells me it is unavailable. So if this one is screwed up, I'll be SOL !


I never though this carb was going the be the showstopper!

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Did you test the accelerator pump? Maybe the new one is not working too for some reason.


When I look down the barrel and depress the pump, it puts a cloud of fuel in the chamber. If it's not putting enough fuel in, I feel there is something else clogged somewhere.


I guess it's time to pull it and clean out all the jets, etc. Not much in the kit other than gaskets, and the pump. I located a few places that sell rebuilt carbs for this, as a last ditch effort.


I picked up one of those carb cleaning kits that is a gallon of cleaner and a basket in a can to dip the parts. Need to clean the workbench off, so I can label and start dissassembly. Seriously thinking of hooking up my Vid Cam and record as I dissassemble so I have a good refference.

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All at once today, the hessitation when you romp the throttle cleared up for the most part.


Now it seems I have a miss, maybe a fuiled plug, points, plug wires. As long as it's not the carb :-)

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When I look down the barrel and depress the pump, it puts a cloud of fuel in the chamber.
That's not good. It should be a steady stream, not vapor. I've seen that before.


If your new pump is leather, it may take a day to soak up and work right.

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When the plunger is out, check that the tiny ball bearing is centered over the hole in the bottom of the cylinder and there is a spring above it holding it in place.


Yes, the ball is there.

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i think ypu need to bite the bullet and just tear the carb down and clean it,

it has to have junk in it messing things up.


if you want a rebuilt carb, i know orielly has them. but for the money for one rebuilt i would get a weber, i will get one when money is bettr

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