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i will be racing near portland this next weekend

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i am letting everybody know that i will be racing in Mcminnville, OR this weekend (july 3-5). i know there are a lot of people in that area and if you are looking for something to do during the day, itll be a big event there. its round 5 of the nw region kart series. i have a huge points lead going into this race and if i take the win, its likely i will mathmatically lock the points championship for the season. im pretty sure pitpasses for the event are pretty reasonable, or if you want to watch from the stands, its free. i will be practicing all day friday, wrenching/hanging out saturday, and racing sunday. ill even be rocking a ratsun sticker on my kart.

Yamhill County Fairgrounds


heres my kart



im on the left in the pic. thats my motorbuilder/team shirts so anyone wearing that shirt will know how to find me if anyone makes it into the pits.


Chase Meyer #10 World Formula Medium class

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Im leaving for Cali that weekend but Ill try and make it out, not to far of a drive. I live like 15min from Pats Acres so Ill be there for that race.


cool, you finally gettin some in-n-out? im pretty sure that race is at the end of september and the last race of the season.

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That fool in the gray looks disappointed! :lol:


probably because i passed him on the last lap for second. :D


i finally got the video shortened to put it on youtube. i was having handling problems all race due to a bent alignment from a pileup at the start that caused a restart. i still cant believe i was able to stick the pass in that spot. look at 8:32 in the video, i saw his kart hop and screw up his exit so i knew that was my chance in the next left hand turn.

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yeah, that guy in first just checked out. it was his home track but doesnt run the regional series. he was the fast guy all weekend. i was runnin right with him in practice but as the track slowed down, he still got faster. at about a minute in when those guys got together, it looks like a glitch but i had to cut quite a few laps out of the race to make it shorter and that was the easiest spot to do it. he actually didnt disappear as quick as he did in the video.

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