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Puget Sound Toyota Owners Fest '09


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Bump! Many raffle prizes keep getting donated. Lots of cool stuff!!


Pre-regestering is now open! Please PayPal money, name, and year, make and model to awdios@pstoc.com (Please notice the .com not .org like the actual site address) Toy donations will be required onsite, day of, to complete regestration. Remember the toys are for underprivilaged children at christmas time and will donated to toys for tots at the NW Toy Run this year. There will be a prize for whom ever donates the most toys. There will be a scale, so no getting away with buying a ton of dollar store toys.


Be sure to register what club you want to represent as well when you send in your info.

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It's different kinds of Toyota's from old to new school. We're just trying to get people who drive different cars, weather it be a Datsun or a Muscle car, to come and appreciate car culture. So here the official bump


Time for another reminder to please start pre-registering so we can have all the trophy classes and team parking figured out. You can do so by sending a paypal (http://www.paypal.com) payment of $10 to awdios@pstoc.com You can also start buying raffle tickets at a cost of $1 each with no limit on how many you can buy for the raffle car. Each dollar above the initial $10 will be considered a raffle ticket purchase. If you are not registering but will be at the show and would like to pre-buy tickets please state that in the note to seller section of the checkout screen. You must be present to win, title will be signed over AT THE EVENT! Speaking of which here's a little teaser of what it is. We will announce what it is including pictures a few weeks prior to the event! No having to guess whats under the sheet All I can say for now is it's low mileage for the year, has a darn near indestructible motor, is an auto, and would make for a good DD or project car. Oh and it's not a camry.



Oh yeah and Thanks for the ball busting. :D I know it's a Datsun site and some of you may not like or just hate Toyota's and that's understandable but please consider this an option as opposed to siting at home :D lol again Thanks. I think one of our very own members said it the best, "The last good nissan was a Datsun." He owns a 69' 1600 roadster. We can all get along, not like we are stereotypical honda owners right? :)

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Ok weekly update time. Looks like we have a new sponsor. I'd like to welcome mckenziespoor (http://www.mckenziespoor.com/) He will be onsite selling some awesome clothing with his automotive inspired designs and we will be raffling off a few as well! Ok here is the list of categories as of right now. If enough people (5 or more) with a vehicle not specifically listed pre register you will get your own category as well.


Please note that if a model is seperated by a / it is a different trophy, i.e. FWD/RWD that means there will be an award for the rwd AND fwd of that model.












Corolla rwd/fwd

Celica rwd/fwd





Old School Other

New School Other

Supra 1-3/4



Street new/old

Off-Road new/old

Truck Other


Other Vans



Griots Choice

PSTOC choice

Best Paint/Graphics

Toyota Powered

Best ICE

Best JDM

Longest Travelled

Club Participation

Highest Milleage


Now on to this weeks raffle car hint and since I'm a BTTF fan I thought I'd have a little fun with it and put it in trivia form. "The year of the car is the same year Marty McFly was so desperate to get back to, in Back to the Future Part 1"

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Ok boys and girls it's this weeks update. The big news is t-shirts. Yep thats right for the first time you can remember the event even if you didn't win anything. These are an awesome toyota inspired design by our friend and sponsor Mckenzie Spoor. You can prebuy these by sending $15 to the same paypal (Awdios@pstoc.com) as you sent the preregistration to. Make sure to say that you are buying the shirt, give your full name and state size wanted (s,m,l,xl, larger sizes are available as well) in the note to seller section.



Now to the part everyone has been waiting for, this weeks raffle car hint. Hopefully next week it'll be ready for the big unveiling. It's RWD and a hatchback or in toyota speak liftback.


And as always PLEASE keep those preregistrations coming in. The more we we get the better show we can have!!

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Ok it's getting down to the wire now. It's less than 2 weeks away so if you've been waiting to pre-register to see if you'll be busy that day or a meteor was going to fall or jesus would rise up again, then by now you probably know if the 30th will be free. We need to hit 100 preregistraions to ensure a most awesome event date next year. So help us help you have a great show this year and next!!!! So please please please PLEASE send in those prereg's!! Raffle tickets will be sale only on site day of now so please take note of that. As for the raffle car the big reveal will be next monday so no more hints ;) Ok so new news is we will be having a "Pop off" contest. Yes all you kids itching to rev at each other will finally have a chance! It'll be crowd choice so get ready to cheer for not only the loudest but the best sounding car. Sign up at the event. We will be inspecting the canidates before hand and eliminating it down to 10 finalists. So if you brought your stock car with just a cone filter please don't sign up. The winner will recieve a special award like none of the others that day.

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Ok a little early but due to Paypal being a pain in the butt right now I have to ask if your planning on pre-registering today or tomorrow please hang on. They are having issues with our account and will be fixed shortly. Don't worry if you already preregistered all that info is safe. If we can't resolve it quickly we will have another account for you to send your money and info in to by Tuesday at the latest. Also to make up for any inconvience and to encourage preregistration we will be giving 1 free raffle ticket for the car, to all that register.


Now for the good stuff.


We would like to welcome Aqua Rec's Swimmin' Hole and Fireplace shop (http://www.aquarec.com) as a sponsor of this event. There will be a mobile hot tub at the event that is available for rent from them. Please contact the for pricing. In other news the trophys are on order and will not be your generic steering wheel or winged angel figure. Now on to the car. I know I promised pics but I have a bit more work to do on the paint and will have pics posted up by wednesday. BUT that doesn't mean I can't tell you right now what it is :)


Raffle car is..............1985 Toyota Celica GT!

Engine: 22REC, the motor that'll run with a hole in the motor. Youtube it :)

Fuel injected

102,000 on the odometer

Automatic 3 speed with overdrive


This is a fully drivable, great running vehicle. It has A/C, though the belt is not connected and the system is empty, it has cruise control that is fully functional, all HVAC works perfectly(heat, blower, ect.), power mirrors, interior is brown 7 out of 10 and is fully detailed with Griots Garage products, exterior is decent, most notably a large dent in the bottom rear quarter panel. Hatch is COMPLETELY rust free!! this is rare in of it self and has the stock hatch wing with some after market upper plastic visor type wing, doesn't look bad. Comes with a Panasonic CD player, and Rocksford Fosgate 10" sub.


Now this isn't what you see at the mall with all those WIN this car or $xxxx kiosks. But this is a real, gas saving, take it home that day car that you can win for a $1!!!

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I can't edit the original post to update the flyer html. As for looking for money, no we are a not for profit club, we want to have a great event and such it needs participation and I know there has to be a few of you that own more than just Nissan/Datsun/Prince. Host a Nissan fest in WA and I'll go. I happen to like quite a few nissan and datsun's. Can't we all just be car enthusists?

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You have 8 posts since may 2009, you'll have to pardon my doubt of your enthusiasm for datsuns...


As far as being NFP, well you'd have to be... tax man would kill for a piece. What seems more likely is that the pre-regs were lower than expected, and it would suck to have to either cancel (probably not an option), pay out of pocket (anyone would hate this option), or start inviting anyone and everyone... option 3 it is!

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Nope we started posting on this board the same time as all the other ones. As far as posting more I just don't have the time, I have over 50 boards to keep up on. Our registrations are actually quite healthy we really do just want to invite other car enthusists to come hang out. But like trying to convince a Chevy guy to like Fords, I can understand your loyalty and hostility to other brands. But now on to the official post for all those who are interested in coming.


Update: Ok due to paypal being a bit unreasonable we will no longer be accepting payment from them for this event. If your planning on attending Sunday please e-mail all your info to PugetSoundTOC@yahoo.com. Payment will be due day of the event and will only be $10 +Toy donation because of all this hassle. We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing you there!

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Well thank sir. Nothing is won trying to argue when neither side is going to budge :)


Ok folks here's my last update since tomorrow is final prep day and man will we be swamped. I'd like to say thanks for all the supporters that have been keeping these threads alive even though there's a few that have just me talking to no one :) I'm actually bummed I wont be updating and visiting alot of the boards now even though everyone of them has something cool and special to offer. I sadly just can't keep up on them all regularly. But enough of this sappy stuff, on wards towards destiny I suppose.


Ok so there will be food on site and best of all it's FREE! This is the good stuff even though it sounds simple. We got one of the best(according to most of us who've eaten her food) chefs in the state, in full control of our grill so your in for a treat! If you were at last years event you know of the goodness that was her chicken. But this year we have grilled cheese(from an actual bbq grill), tomato soup, hotdogs, the ever popular fish crackers and thanks to Griots, free drinks as well. So yes it's free but if you want to toss a dollar or two into the tip jar, we can reward this lovely lady's efforts with a spa day or something :)


Ok with food annoucement out of the way your probably all going "We don't care about food, where's the damn car pictures you promised us 2 days ago?!" Well I appologize for being a few days late and must appologize further for not having a final pic of the car BUT!!! I can show you before and work pics of the car. So here we go!

First day just bought, yes thats my fat head in the driver's seat :)



Preping the car




Paint mixing








First 2 coats drying



Why we named the car "Anarchy"



Twins putting on the final coats 2 days later




So you get the general picture and why we felt the need to paint. It is not clear coated so you can choose to continue the process if you wish, or sand it prime it and have a cheap paint job by maaco or just rock it as is. Will have final pics up tomorrow or will have to wait til you see it in person depending on the schedule.


To wrap this up I'll just say We'll see you there!!

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It was an awesome event guys. We even had some random people from northwestmotoring show up in their acuras, 240's and infinti's. Next year you'll have to give us a try. Hell just come win our raffles like the acura guy did but we got him to sell the car to a celica guy before he called the wrecker lol.

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