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Trim your u-bolts!!!!


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Finally got a chance to take the old 620 down to the local car show/cruise and headed towards town, when i got to the main strip i turned the coner and gunned it trying to get it a little sideways infront of all the little punk ricers (you knwo the kind with a little honda, ground effects hanging off, fart can that sounds like shit) anyways i was turning right so my left rear tire rolled under the truck a bit because of the load, the sidewall caught the u-bolt and KAWHAMMMMM!!!! split the damn thing all the way around, right infront of like 200 people, a few people cheered lol, anyways spent the remainder of the cruise going to my house to get some tools and putting on my 30 year old spare, oh well live and learn boom.jpgIMG_0436.jpgIMG_0435.jpg

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well for $1600 i can buy a sr20det already turbo or buy a ka24 for $1200 then spend another $1200 bucks on some universal turbo kit and try and figure out how the hell it goes together, i would rather go with the sr20 and mildly build it and call it good, that may be what i do or i still might heavily build one of my l20b's, ive got some 44mm minukis but i dontknow if they can take the boost

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