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15" vs. 17" rims?

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Good Morning,


I am gathering information / parts for a future (hopefully this coming school year) 510 build.


I live in a real rural area and I need to drive a fair distance to get anywhere. My driveway is also fairly rough, but not rocky at all.


With my car I want to be able to drive a fair distance, fairly often. Do some spirited driving but not alot of autocross type stuff at this point.


What are your experiences with the 17's as far as durability, etc.


I know about the performance bene's, but what about the day to day use and durabilities?


Pro's and con's? Any "I wish I would have stayed with 15's because.." stories? Or the opposite?


I am trying to make up my mind between 15's and 17's for my car.


Thank you for your thoughts and advice:D



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Your probably right. I am not a huge fan of monster rims.


That and having a little bit of rubber between the rim and the ineviable debris that rural living has would be a good thing.


Any horror stories of 17's rubbing rim on everything? I am still in the planning / parts gathering stage.



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I'm running 17's on my wagon. But I don't really like them. I just could not pass up the deal I got on them. I'm thinking of going to a 15 soon. If your out in the boonies I would go with a 15 with 50 series wall.

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I'm just looking at some type of happy medium. I don't need a tire that I can't get if I have trouble somewhere that kind of thing.


Leaning more towards a sport / touring type of build. Not a 1" off the ground carver, but not a stocker either.


I am not sure what you call a sport / touring thing in import lingo:confused:


I think you'd call it pro-touring in the musclecar world.


Hope that makes sense, the sun down here in the desert is getting to me as I install trim on my house:lol:


Back at it, the trim is calling me and I have resisted to long already:)



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Factor in cost of tires also

Going from 15 to 17 is a big difference unless this is not a concern to you.


Not so much any more. They sell alot more 17 than 15 now days.

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I never would have thought of looking at 17" wheels but there was this one 510 at Canby with some real sweet 17's...... I thought they looked real good.


Then I find out that they are VOLKs and quite expensive........naturally.....


There was another 510 there with black 15" rims and it looked quite good too.


Wierd that both were white, both had black wheels and VG's in them.


I think I need to stick to 15-16's. We have to cross some railroad tracks with a sharp edge etc. to get out of here. May not be good with 1" of rubber on the tire sidewall.


Thank you. First of 90 decisions made....



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