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350sbc in a 521 ?????


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anyone have a 350 in one? other that the obvious firewall issues what problems will i run into? im rebuilding the firewall, inner fenders, and the cab floor already. there will be alot more custom stuff im doing to but ill show all that later. jsut tryign to decide on what motor to use. and v8 seems like the cheapest and easiest to wire up. :D

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Try this guy..I know it's a 327 not a 350, but they are going to represent the same level of difficulty and the problems will be the same.


Why are you choosing to go the "American V8" route? Why not look into another fast motor option that weighs way less and goes faster?:cool:


One more thing...





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The american v8 route is kinda easier. lol. less wiring. granted im rewiring the whole truck too, but if not a v8 itll be a ka motor. still tryign to decide. its gonna be more show than driver so thats not the issue. im jsut trying to figure out if i can fit it in a bodydropped 521.

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I had a Chevy 350 in the 521 I sold last year, and had bought it already converted. If I was going to do that kind of swap.....I would not choose the big V8, and would instead get a KA, VG30 or something else. The Big V8 was good for smokey brunouts, but that's about it. The truck handled like absolute crap with that amount of weight over the front wheels. Wiring in an EFI engine is really only connecting about 6 wires or so, very easy. I always hated carbs anyways. I had a new 650cfm carb in that truck, but it needed to be jetted properly, where as EFI needs no changes....EVER. Plus working on the V8 in some cases makes things very difficult. For example, you can't remove the exhaust manifolds unless you first take out the engine. The starter and oil filter are also a PITA to service.


So from personal experience, I would vote NO on the V8. The ONLY thing that was nice was that Chevy V8 parts are easy to find, that's it.

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Ok. Thanks guys. Im jsut trying to weigh out my options. Ive still got close to 10k in just parts to buy to be able to get this truck done. And havent decided on what motor to run. Thats about the only thing i havent decided. Ill be starting a build thread soon.

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i bought a 521 set up already for 350 chevy, then bought one set up for v6 and looks a lot cleaner without hacked up firewall...the 350 has been done a couple times already, i love mine for racing and will shoot as many pics as you want....i put a 350 in my ford maverick and also put one in my 95 tbird cause i had the motors around and parts are cheap...


do something different...i love the miata datsun, rx7 datsuns are cool too,

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I think if I was set on a chevy motor in a datsun truck it would be a 4.3 V6, I built a 1993 vortec full roller 4.3 for my rock buggy this past winter and it gets it on pretty damn hard and my buggy weighs 3500 lbs with the 40" tires on it.

or if you want to get real trick, pick up a LS1 motor. those motors get it hard! you can have teh wiring harness redone for about 350.00.

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I rewired my entire truck for $250(approx)...and did it all myself....


If one is somewhat knowledgable in electrical....could be done fairly easily.

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