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So you thought you knew alot about your Datsun Pickup

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Well I just had the honor of meeting Steroid over the weekend. And let me tell you,if you think you know alot about these good old Datsun pickups.....you dont. I dont think I have met anyone who has the knowledge or the dedication or the love of these trucks. He, for a lack of a better term, Loves these old trucks. He takes hours after hours of reserch on the internet through contacts to find old magazines, pictures, articles etc. I couldnt believe the old periodicals that he has. I am not a collector of old things like magazines etc....but I know Mike is. He has things that I have never heard of, from the US, Japan etc. He finds pictures, stories, adds what have you about these old classic trucks. Then he goes through them all and records all the Datsun findings. In hopes to one day to have them all like a library for us to check out in awe.

Then he has his trucks, Fontana, Choptana, Wassermans Wonder, the only 4 door 620 I know of in the states. a restoration of a right hand 620....All his trucks, have been built with the love of the pasts. To bring back the glory days of these classics. And I will tell you he is doing a great job. All his rides are pieces of classic, one of a kind blast from the past. You might not be into the 70s style, but I give kudos to you Steroid you build some nice trucks.

So if you find your self sitting and tying to find pictures or articles about 620s. Drop Mike a line, and I will tell you, if he dont have it, it dont exsist.

It was a great pleasure to meet you and all I can say is that I wish I lived closer. You have the desire and drive to keep the classic trucks alive and well in eveyones hearts. I look forward to meeting and talking with you again.

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Wow!!! (choke,choke!!) Thanks Dave!! I didn't know that You had wrote this until Mark told Me. Thank You! It was truly a pleasure to meet You and spend some time together! Hopefully, more of You guys can stop by someday.


Like I have said, if I "hoard" all of this stuff without sharing, it is all for nothing. This is all that is left. It has to be saved and I guess I was blessed with a talent to do that. I do NOT know everything, though, about Datsun trucks. I either saw it or know where to find it as refrence. And I am STILL LEARNING every day. If I can be of help, that is cool. Thanks again!!


PS It is only about 118 degrees here now!! Why not plan a visit?!?!?


Remember, It's a DRY heat!!!!!

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