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HVAC fan only working on high

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Hey guys,



Just finishing up some details on my 78 Stanza/510,and I noticed the interior fan only works on #3/high. I am guessing it is a resistor pack that is bad,but where is it on this car,and is it easily replaced,or do I need a new blower fan? The good news is the AC works great!!!!

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If it is working on high, that means that the fan is working and should not need replaced.

The lower speeds go through a resistor that is a common fail item. I do not know where it is located on your car though.


On a 620 this resistor is common to have a wire that comes off. It is located on the drivers side of the heater box-up high with two wires going to it.


If yours is a three speed fan, then you will have at least three wires to it.

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I think the 620 one looks like this: http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/Nissan%20Electrical/electrical620heatertwospeedcoil.jpg[/img]"]electrical620heatertwospeedcoil.jpg


The fan is on the right side, beside the heater assy. Look just above the fan motor and very slightly to the left on the blower housing. The resistor has two screws holding it on with terminals facing outward and the resistor coils inside the blower to keep them cool.

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